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Optrimax Plum Delight 3 boxes of 10pouches

Product Description

Some Plum benefits:

Heart Protection – One medium-sized fresh plum contains 113 mg of potassium, a mineral that helps manage high blood pressure and reduce stroke risk. If that isn’t heartwarming enough, the reddish-blue pigment in some plums, called anthocyanins, may protect against cancer by mopping up harmful free radicals.

Bowel Movement – Dried plums—a.k.a. prunes—are a tried-and-true way to help your bowel do its work

Lower Blood Sugar – According to the Dietitians of Canada, plums rank low on the glycemic index, which means eating them can help you control your blood sugar and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Bone Health Booster – Researchers from Florida State and Oklahoma State universities tested two groups of postmenopausal women over the span of 12 months for bone density. One group ate 100 grams of prunes/plums per day (about 10 prunes); the other ate 100 grams of dried apples. Both groups took calcium and vitamin D supplements. The findings indicated that the prune group had substantially higher bone mineral density in the spine and forearms.

Memory Enhancer - Eating a Plum a day can help neutralize cell-damaging free radicals that affect your memory.

Pu Er Tea:

Best for Blocking Fats.

Green Tea Some of the Benefits:

Here’s a list of some of its amazing benefits — benefits that you may not have been aware of. Some of these benefits are still being debated, so please do your own research if you want to use green tea for medicinal purposes.

Weight Loss. Green tea increases the metabolism. The polyphenol found in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories.

Diabetes. Green tea apparently helps regulate glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar after eating. This can prevent high insulin spikes and resulting fat storage.

Heart Disease. Scientists think, green tea works on the lining of blood vessels, helping keep them stay relaxed and better able to withstand changes in blood pressure. It may also protect against the formation of clots, which are the primary cause of heart attacks.

Esophageal Cancer. It can reduce the risk of esophageal cancer, but it is also widely thought to kill cancer cells in general without damaging the healthy tissue around them.
Cholesterol. Green tea reduces bad cholesterol in the blood and improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It is said to delay the deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Studies carried out on mice showed that green tea protected brain cells from dying and restored damaged brain cells.

Tooth Decay. Studies suggests that the chemical antioxidant “catechin” in tea can destroy bacteria and viruses that cause throat infections, dental caries and other dental conditions

Blood Pressure. Regular consumption of green tea is thought to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Depression. Theanine is an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves. It is this substance that is thought to provide a relaxing and tranquilizing effect and be a great benefit to tea drinkers.

Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial. Tea catechins are strong antibacterial and antiviral agents which make them effective for treating everything from influenza to cancer. In some studies green tea has been shown to inhibit the spread of many diseases.

Skincare. Green tea can apparently also help with wrinkles and the signs of aging, This is because of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. Both animal and human studies have demonstrated that green tea applied topically can reduce sun damage.

Q: Is This a Tablet, Capsule, Powder, Juice, or Liquid?

A: NO. It's a Pickled fresh plum fruit with pu-er tea, green tea & probiotics. with FAT-BLOCKER & FAT BURNER.

Q: How is it taken?
A: One to be taken after dinner followed by 2 glasses of water & drink at least 1.5 litres of water throughout the day for optimal effect.

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: There are No bad Side Effects. 100% all natural & Safe FDA/BFAD approved & Halal certified for Muslims. FDA FR #-94883

Q: Is it effective?
A: Yes! very effective! No Diet & No Exercise!

Q: Can I Get It At Discounted Price?
A: Yes, Just Buy 1 box @ 1,200 & add 600 for the lifetime membership fee. Total Package cost 1,800. Next Orders will be 1,050 per box life time (plus shipping).

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From BWL

Irene Tan Swee Eng

In my younger days, my friends would describe me as the “pretty, svelte one”. But that changed 10 years ago when I fell ill. If they had to choose a word to describe me, it could only be “FAT”.

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and after the surgery, I started ballooning rapidly. I gained 14kg, and my weight shot to 64kg. People also noticed that my illness took a toll on me… and my complexion had lost its radiance. That was the lowest point in my life.

After my cancer ordeal, I set my heart to regain my health. I knew that my weight gain wasn’t good for my health, and started taking Colostrum Delite, Plum Delite, Borage Seed Oil, Super EPA 2000 and PhosChol 565. I was pleasantly surprised that just by coupling them with healthier food choices, I managed to consistently drop 1 kg every month. Now, I continue taking Super EPA 2000 and Plum Delite to maintain my weight. I’ve reached my ideal weight of 55kg, and I’m glad I’ve gotten rid of the “Fat” tag.

What’s great is that with a healthy weight management plan, I didn’t have the “rebound weight gain” that many dieters experience. Now, I’ve regained my health and confidence, and I’m enjoying life to the fullest!

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