CONTENT: * Glutathione * Alpha Lipoic Acid * EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) * Kojic Acid * Natural Collagen * Seleniun * CIC 2 (Crithmum Martimum Cells) * Vitamin C * Vitamin E * Pro - Vitamin B3 * Pro - Vitamin B5


What are the benefits of Glutax 200gs Diamond Bright Advanced Oral Softgel


GLUTAX 200GS Diamond Bright Advanced Formula Soft gel is a water-soluble supplement, it has Ultrafiltration Glutathione made from the finest quality glutathione raw materials which is combined with Alpha Lipoic Acid , EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), Kojic, Natural Collagen, CIC2 and Multivitamins for effective and better results.


Facts & Potential health benefits of this dietary supplement

Glutathione has small protein molecule which is important as our bodys A.I.D (antioxidant, immune system booster and detoxifier). The biological process is also referred to as the Bodys Master Anti-oxidant. Its main role is to fight against cancer, heart disease, premature aging, auto-immune disease and chronic illness. Glutathione in increased dose posts a remarkable side effect such as SKIN WHITENING.


Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful natural antioxidant which increases the functions of vitamin C, vitamin E and glutathione to help fight free radicals in the body. Alpha-lipoic acid can increase glycogen uptake, enhance insulin function, reduce insulin resistance and enhance overall body composition.


EGF acts by binding with high affinity to epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) on the cell surface. It helps fight against certain types of cancers such as lung cancer and colon cancer.


Kojic Acid diminishes dark areas of the skin resulting from excessive pigmentation in the skin.


Multi-Vitamins has many whitening properties, it is beneficial in the prevention of colds and general immunity boosting. It also protects glutathione cells from being oxidized and maximizes its effect.


Collagen strengthens the bones, muscles, skin and tendons. it gives the skin its strength and elasticity, and replaces dead skin cells.


Selenium is a trace mineral and a vital nutrient to fight against cancer and heart diseases; it also helps metabolic functions and proper cell functioning in the spleen, pancreas kidneys, liver, and testes. Selenium is best antioxidant which reduces aging due to oxidation.


Crithmum Maritimum Cells CIC 2 is extracted from Sea Fennel cell culture (sea plant) from France, CIC 2 has skin lightening, improving skin radiance, tone and wound healing properties.

Glutax 200gs Diamond Bright Glutathione Softgels

  • (This formula nutritionally supports immune function. Effective anti-cancer supplement, highly potent free radical scavenger, supports liver health, and continuous usage may make your skin smooth and fairer.)


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