• The sun’s rays can be beneficial to human health, contributing to important biological processes such as the production and assimilation of Vitamin D, essential for strong bones and teeth. Excessive exposure can however harm the skin, leading to sunburn, photoaging, hyperpigmentation and even skin cancer.
  • There are three types of solar radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC is blocked by the ozone layer and thus never reaches the earth’s surface, but both UVA and UVB do. UVB is strongest during the summer months and in areas closer to the equator. It affects the most superficial layer of the skin (epidermis) where it can cause short term effects such as sunburn, and longer-term ones such as immunosupression and DNA damage. UVA on the other hand is present all year long and at all latitudes. It penetrates deeper into the skin, reaching the dermis, and is responsible for photoaging, hyperpigmentation, immunosuppression and DNA damage.
  • The skin has natural mechanisms to protect itself against UV radiation (tanning, anti-oxidant systems, immune repair) but these are often insufficient so it is important to adopt additional protective measures such as sun avoidance at peak hours, protective clothing and topical sun screen. The choice of sun screen depends on skin type and exposure conditions, although the general rule is the higher the protection, the better!.
  • Fernblock® has been scientifically demonstrated to protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation. It is effective both topically and orally.
  • Fernblock® Technology was developed by IFC Group in collaboration with a group of leading experts in dermatology and photobiology at Harvard Medical School. It is based on a natural extract from Polypodium leucotomos, a tropical Central American fern which evolved from an acquatic to land plant, developing strong protective and repair mechanisms against UV radiation.
  • Fernblock® contains a powerful combination of natural anti-oxidants, including ferulic, caffeic and chlorogenic acids, which help eliminate free radicals produced by sun exposure responsible for aging, hyperpigmentation and DNA damage. 
  • It has proven effective in helping reduce symptoms in people subject to sun-related allergies.Its effectiveness has been demonstrated by numerous laboratory and clinical trials featured in leading international scientific and medical journals.

Heliocare Oral Sunblock Antioxidant 60 caps

  • Aging from the Sun--- Both UVA and UVB rays from the sun can damage your skin, resulting in older-looking and less resilient skin. This damage can cause wrinkles, thickening, dark spots, enlarged or broken blood vessels and more. Topical sunscreens play an important role in protecting your skin from the sun. However, many environmental factors can reduce the effectiveness of your sunscreen, including weather, location and what you are doing in the sun (swimming, sweating, etc.).


    The Natural Secret for Daily Protection--- HELIOCARETM harnesses the natural and powerful antioxidants in Polypodium leucotomos extract to help preserve your skin's ability to protect against sun-related effects and aging.* Taken orally once per day, natural HELIOCARE can help you maintain more youthful looking skin - and you can still enjoy the sun. However, Heliocare is not a sunscreen and should be used in addition to topical sun protection.


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