• ♥ BOOST MILK PRODUCTION: When you’re running a bit short on milk for your baby, women worldwide turn to Fenugreek powder. With 1240mg per serving, USDA-certified organic Fenugreek from Pure Mom can help you make up your shortfall without relying on prescription drugs.
  • ♥ VEGAN ORGANIC BREAKFAST: Our Fenugreek powder capsules are non-GMO and certified USDA organic, which is rare in today’s supplement world. Just take two capsules each day with your breakfast, and discover how easy it is to pump up your lactation.
  • ♥ CALM YOUR BELLY: Fenugreek is more than just a galactagogue (milk production enhancer); it’s also well known as a digestion aid and as a significant anti-inflammatory, which can be a big help to mothers who have recently given birth.
  • ♥ MADE IN THE USA: To ensure we’re giving you the highest-quality ingredients, we manufacture our vegan Fenugreek capsules here in the USA. We utilize the latest in GMP standards to ensure that what you get in each bottle of our Organic Fenugreek is exactly what it says on the label. Perfect to combined with Blessed Thistle, Fennel Seed, Milk Thistle & Goat’s Rue

Puremom Organic Fenugreek (Vegan) Breastfeeding Supplement For Mothers NON-GMO



    Pure Milk

    Are you looking for a way to pump up your milk 
    production without resorting to prescription drugs?


    Have you heard about Fenugreek, but you want to 
    make sure you’re taking the most gentle 
    formulation available?


    USDA Organic, Non-GMO Vegan Fenugreek 
    Capsules from Pure Mom Are For You!

    At Pure Mom, we’ve made it our mission to bring 
    you the highest-quality lactation support products 
    you’ll find on the web. We invest the time and 
    money to find the most potent Fenugreek available 
    and then go through the rigorous process of USDA 
    organic certification. Naturally, all our products 
    are non-GMO as well.


    1240mg of Milk Production Magic

    Because it takes quite a bit of Fenugreek to actually 
    stimulate increased milk production, we provide a 
    whopping 1240mg in each serving.


    Made In America

    We want to keep control of the entire manufacturing 
    process from the plant to your door; that’s why we 
    make our Organic Fenugreek here in the USA.


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