Rose Wand is for women who want their vaginal confidence back - whether you need a tighter vagina, odor control, or balanced vaginal health. Are You Insecure about what he's feeling, smelling or thinking? This vaginal tightening stick will give you a sexual grip like he's never experienced before in just minutes.

From the leaders in women's health and kegel exercise weights, Intimate Rose brings you a quick fix to your boring sex life. The Rose Wand gives you a tighter vagina and a fresh feeling in just minutes, lasting up to several days.

The Rose Wand's effects are meant as a temporary way to spice things up and control odors while the Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise System is used for lasting pelvic floor strength and control. Combine the Rose Wand and the Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights to get that quick relief you need while building a foundation of kegel strength for lasting results.

Simply rinse the Rose Wand under water to activate the natural herbs and insert and twist for a few seconds to release the vaginal wall tightening effects. When finished, wash the wand and keep in a cool dry place until next time. After 15-30 minutes, you will feel it's effects. Use the wand in the morning before your big night!

Stop feeling insecure and wondering what he thinks - Get your Rose Wand and feel tighter and more refreshed in minutes!


NEED A QUICK FIX? - The Rose Wand turns back the clock to give you enhanced vaginal tightness and confidence you can both feel!

FEEL REFRESHED - Get rid of that "not so clean" feeling with our formula made from natural herbs to revitalize and refresh yourself before a big night!


INSECURE ABOUT YOUR VAGINA? - Simply rinse the Rose Wand under water to activate the natural herbs to cleanse yourself from embarrassing yeast infection itching, vaginal odor control, & intimate health.

EFFECTS LAST DAYS, WAND LASTS MONTHS - Each use can get you 1-5 days of increased tightness and sensation. With proper care, your wand can last up to 3 months!



Rose Wand Natural Vaginal Tightening & Vaginal Odor Control By Intimate Rose

  • BRIDGE THE KEGEL GAP - Intimate Rose is the #1 Industry Leader in Kegel Exercise Weights but some women want a temporary fix between their kegel exercises. Use our Kegel Exerciser System for lasting results but stick to the Rose Wand for that tightening vaginal sensation you and your partner will love!


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