Getting rid of acne scars is definitely a tough and complicated process. Although there are numerous acne scars removal treatments available, not all of them can offer you effective results and, in most cases, you can easily end up spending large sums of money with less or no results. It is important to consider certain aspects of the creams you purchase. Most imporatnt is the list of ingredients as it will help you determine the efficiency of the product, along with its potential health risks or disadvantages.

Senvie is the most popular and valuable skincare brand, which has been providing various treatments for different skin issues, including acne scars, for many years. The company has launched Selevax, the best treatment for acne scars on the market. There are many benefits and advantages associated with Selevax and the most remarkable one is its natural and powerful ingredients: Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Tocopherol and Dimethicone, which can influence the collagen production positively and eliminate the acne scars in a short period of time. Collagen is an important protein of the skin, which helps it regenerates and keeps it elastic. When the collagen production is not enough, your skin will not heal and the acne scar will remain impregnated in it forever. Applying Selevax will increase the collagen secretion and, therefore, your skin will be treated in no time. Dimethicone is an important silicone oil, which creates a protective barrier for the skin and prevents the appearances of new scars. Apart from these, Selevax contains significant quantities of Shea butter, which promotes a smooth and soft skin, leaving it flawless and completely healed. With an effective and affordable price, Selevax successfully occupies the top place when it comes to acne scar removal treatments and using it will help you heal your problem within a short time, offering your skin a pleasant aspect, as well.


Selevax by Senvie Intensive Scar Cream 30 ml

  • In order to use Selevax, it is absolutely necessary to remove any make-up or impurity from your face by applying different make-up removal products, so you can make sure that Selevax will penetrate your skin deeply. It is important to avoid using a very high quantity of the product, as you will not obtain better results this way. A few drops of Selevax will be more than enough to help you eliminate the acne scars and you have to use it regularly, until the scars become less visible.


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