What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are caused when the elastic fibers that bind the skin (elastin & collagen) are overstressed, resulting in small tears in the form of stretch marks.

While skin’s elastic nature is amazing in its ability to expand as we grow, unfortunately it has its limitations. Stretch marks (striae) are actually made up of scar tissue that result when the skin’s ability to expand is exceeded. This can occur from pregnancy, weight gain, bodybuilding / weightlifting, as well as from rapid growth spurts common during puberty. Some other known causes can be the result of using steroidal creams or ointments, such as hydrocortisone, if used on the skin for longer than a few weeks. High doses of corticosteroids taken orally for longer than a month may also contribute to the occurrence of stretch marks.

Can I Help Prevent or Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks?

YES. TriLASTIN-SR's® exclusive formula works to provide rapid reduction in the appearance of stretch marks. TriLASTIN-SR also helps provide skin with maximum elasticity so as to avoid dermal tearing under excessive stress.

Skin has two major proteins that help make up its structure, collagen and elastin. Collagen is the connective tissue that binds skin’s structure together, whereas elastin is the component that gives it elasticity. TriLASTIN-SR helps provide the skin with the essential elements it needs, encouraging the natural rengeration of collagen and elastin.The Result?

TriLASTIN-SR’s® advanced, hypoallergenic high-potency formulation helps stimulate the ongoing cell regeneration process that occurs within the skin to produce positive visible change on dermal scarring while also thickening the skin’s epidermal layer which normalizes the skin’s surface, helping to repair and diminish the appearance of existing striae. TriLASTIN-SR® also helps to protect the skin from further damage by maximizing the elasticity and resiliency of the skin.


Trilastin SR Stretchmark Cream 162 m

  • Who Can Benefit From Using TriLASTIN-SR®?

    TriLASTIN-SR® is beneficial to anyone with who is trying to prevent the occurrence of striae or repair the damage caused by existing striae. This includes expectant and post-pregnancy mothers, anyone who has experienced excessive weight gain or loss as well as bodybuilders. TriLASTIN-SR® is effective regardless of age, sex, skin color, and length of time that has past since the striae occurred.


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